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Foreword, EP

Released: 7th June 2011
Record label: CMG 26 Records

  1. Good Girls
  2. Better Off Running
  3. Take You Away
  4. No Hatred
  5. Life Goes On
  6. How Was I Supposed To Know
  7. When You're Around (Bonus)

Echo Boom, EP

Released: 2nd February 2012
Record label: CMG 26 Records

  1. Echo Boom (ft. Pharrell Williams)
  2. Turn You On (ft. Melanie Fiona & Shaggy)
  3. Angels And Demons
  4. Gypsys On The Boulevard
  5. Going Home (ft. Marc Roberge)
  6. In My Dreams

Rise, EP

Released: 9th October 2012
Record label: The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. Paradise (On Earth)
  2. She's So Fly (ft. Wyclef Jean)
  3. Face To Face
  4. Good Girls (Don't Grow On Trees) ft. Big Sean
  5. White Lingerie

Red Road, EP

Released: 16th April 2013
Record label: CAB Music

  1. Colors (ft. Mike Posner)
  2. When We Were Young
  3. Heaven
  4. Another Love (ft. Wyclef Jean)
  5. Livin Om Sunday
  6. History
  7. The Fire (ft. The Green)
  8. Wild

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